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  • Devolution round-up II: England, West Lothian and the World Cup

    Football, rugby and cricket tournaments have all contributed to the rise in English national consciousness in recent years. asks if this phenomenon will have an impact on the burning question at Westminster: You can’t help but feeling a bit sorry for Gordon over the timing of the World Cup. There he is in the…

  • Brown’s World Cup Bid is all about the premiership

    The Guardian reported on Saturday that Gordon Brown has effectively bounced the Football Association into bidding for the 2018 World Cup.

  • Britain and Ireland ezine

    Slugger’s Mick Fealty has linked up with the British Council Ireland to produce a new e-magazine at the Britain and Ireland website. Sport is the theme of the first edition, which includes a very interesting interview with Niall Quinn. Hat-tip to Gareth Young for the link.

  • Ciarraí Abú

    I won’t be posting for the next couple of days as I’ll be in Dublin for the All-Ireland football final. British -based fans can catch the match on Setanta TV (available at all good Irish pubs) or via the internet on Radio Kerry from 3.30pm. It should be a good match this year. Kerry’s Colm…

  • Athol Books latest

    The Irish Political Review’s inimitable take on the Westminster elections is a highlight among the new updates on the Athol Books website. There’s also a good article on the GAA which nails the philistinism behind the move to change Rule 42 very effectively.

  • Britain and Ireland survey

    Another study launched this week was a survey carried out conjunction with the Britain and Ireland: Lives Entwined book and series of events being organised by the British Council. Among the results was this interesting titbit: Respondents were asked to imagine a situation where an international sportscompetition was taking place where Ireland had no team…

  • Best in all-Ireland call

    George Best has called for an all-Ireland soccer team. "I’ve always thought that at any given time both the Republic and Northern Ireland have had some great world-class players. "I just believe in trying something. If it doesn’t work, at least you’ve tried. I still hope that in my lifetime it happens. "Why not have…