Archival Research

As a journalist and independent researcher for 18 years, I have extensive experience of archival and documentary research at the UK National Archives, the British Library, the former British Newspaper Library and the Imperial War Museum. I have worked with a number of NGOs in Britain and Ireland, including Spinwatch/Public Interest Investigations, the Pat Finucane Centre and Justice for the Forgotten among others. This work has been acknowledged in books including A State in Denial by Margaret Urwin, and Lethal Allies by Anne Cadwallader, and has contributed to a number of inquiries, court cases, and media stories. In 2017, I completed a Ph.D in social & policy sciences at the University of Bath which was partly based on archival research.

I am available to conduct research at the National Archives, the British Library and other venues in the London area. I can supply digital photo files of archival material made with my Kindle Fire 8 HD at no extra charge, or photocopies made with onsite facilities, subject to availability/cost.

My areas of expertise include British and Irish political history and the Troubles, intelligence history and the Cold War, colonialism, counterinsurgency and the War on Terror.

To discuss options further please contact me at