100 days of a new Scottish Government

The Scottish Executive today today marked what it pointedly called 100 days of a new Government, by publishing Reporting on 100 days: Moving Scotland Forward.

In a typically sober assessment, The BBC’s Brian Taylor suggests its still too early to make a definitive judgement.  I think the SNP has made an impressive start but we will have a much better idea of how well the party can cope with the realities of minority government once the current recess ends and parliamentary business gets underway again.

Indeed, this autumn may be a crucial testing period for all of the devolved administrations, not least Stormont, where the Paisley-McGuinness love-in has caused some rumblings in the DUP grassroots.






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  1. Charlie Marks avatar

    Its not been a bad 100 days for the SNP. Certainly, their central aim of independence appears closer as the other parties have had to come to terms with the fact that devolution is a process rather than an event.
    I can’t say that I care for the SNP’s intentions to create a capitalist Scotland, in the EU but independent from Britain, but their response to the attempted terrorist attack was admirable.

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