A Lib Dem olive branch to Salmond

A couple of Holyrood notes to catch up with:

  • GORDON BROWN is refusing to call the body tasked with reviewing devolution a "commission" because he believes it would give an "incorrect impression about its status".

    The prime minister used that phrase at a Downing Street summit on the Union, a full account of which has been leaked to this newspaper.

    He also backed a review of Holyrood’s financial powers only after he was pushed on the issue by UK justice secretary Jack Straw and Scotland secretary Des Browne. {Sunday Herald)


    The big message [from Nick Clegg]? That the LibDems want maximum devolution to emerge
    from the proposed Commission/review backed by his own party, the Tories
    and, of course, the UK governing Labour Party.
    As with Nicol Stephen earlier, it’s no to Gordon Brown’s two way street. 


    Instead, the LibDems want one way traffic: more powers to
    Holyrood, then on down the road to local communities. (Brian Taylor –
    BBC News

  • Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen has urged the Scottish Government to work with his party to scrap council tax.

    Mr Stephen said it was time to team up with the Scottish National Party to bring in a local income tax. (BBC News)

Perhaps the Lib Dems will play a more astute Scottish game under Clegg than they did under Menzies Campbell. A tilt towards the SNP would be a good way to distance themselves from both Labour and the Tories without making them appear irrelevant.







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    There was no hint from the Scottish branch of the Lib-Dems of working with the SNP nor any comment from them on Gordon Brown’s hijacking of the supposed “cross-party” commission before Nick Clegg came north for the Scottish conference.
    I think this is more a case of Nick Clegg ordering Scottish Leader Nicol Stephen to distance himself from the floundering Labour party as the Lib-Dems have done in England rather than any rapprochement with the SNP.
    In terms of their unionist philosophy the Lib-Dems are still soul-brothers and sisters with Labour and the Conservatives.
    The internal Lib-Dem “Steel Commission” report on devolution was written before the SNP took power in the Scottish Parliament and the assumption in that report was that any new powers would be wielded by a Lib-Lab coalition. The recall of David Steel to prepare a Lib-Dem agenda for the proposed “Wendy Commission” shows that they are only now starting to think about what they want out of the “Wendy Commission” and how to minimise any advantage new powers would give to the SNP now the SNP control Holyrood .
    The big unknown is what the Conservatives want out of the “Wendy Commission”. They have said nothing yet.

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