A new look at Anglo-Irish relations

Gareth from the Campaign for an English Parliament points us to an interesting piece in the Irish Examiner

THE Scottish domination of New Labour in the UK (evident surely to even the most casual observer of the political scene) naturally raises the question as to who and where are the representatives of the English in the House of Commons.

This is an important question in Ireland for it is the English who are especially singled out in Ireland as the cause of the Troubles.

Perhaps the Irish confuse the English with Old Etonians, many of whom, of course, are Scots.

It was the English under Asquith who attempted, in conjunction with the Irish Parliamentary Party, to bring in Home Rule for Ireland in 1910-1914.

Their efforts were thwarted by the Tories by the use of privilege in the unelected House of Lords and by resort to extra-parliamentary violence.

Such Conservative leaders as Balfour and Bonar Law bear a heavy responsibility for many of the troubles that continue to beset the world, not least in Ireland and Palestine. Today the Conservative party is still dominated by Old Etonians and Scots. (Irish Examiner)



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    Very interesting. Thanks for highlighting it.

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