Aegis boss accused in coup bid

Dr Alexander Von Paleske has let me know that South Africa’s Sunday Tribune has picked up the Aegis story.

They’re naturally interested in the claims that one of their nationals was involved in the incidents shown in the trophy video.

They’ve also got an interesting claim of their own about Aegis chief executive Tim Spicer.

The head of Aegis Defence Services, Tim Spicer, was involved with the now defunct mercenary company Executive Outcomes.

Executive Outcomes was ordered to shut down in 1998 by then president Nelson Mandela. Spicer is also linked to the failed Equatorial Guinea coup plot. Spicer, Jeffrey Archer, David Tremain and Tony Buckingham are the alleged financiers of the coup attempt. (Independent Online)

It would be interesting to know what their basis for this statement is. The Star of South Africa reported last year that Spicer had been charged by prosecutors in Equatorial Guinea, and he was certainly called in by the UK Foreign Office in the aftermath of the coup attempt.






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