Aegis in Rubicon deal

Tim Spicer’s Aegis Defence Services has taken over rival Rubicon International Services according to the Financial Times.

John Davidson, Rubicon’s managing director, said all the clients had
agreed to transfer their business to the merged group.

Lord Inge, chief of the defence staff between 1994 and 1997 and a
member of the Butler committee that investigated intelligence flaws
surrounding Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, has been made
non-executive chairman.

Nicholas Soames, the Conservative former armed forces minister, has
been appointed a non-executive director. Robert McFarlane, US
president Ronald Reagan’s national security adviser, has joined the
Aegis advisory council.

Mark Bullough, Aegis managing director, said: "This is only just
becoming an industry in UK and there has been a question mark over
how respectable it is. Certainly the reassurance of the non-executive
names offers an endorsement of our company and points of reference
for people not used to dealing with the sector."(FT via AMPMlist)






4 responses to “Aegis in Rubicon deal”

  1. Alex avatar

    Hmm. Aegis buys Rubicon…they do like their classics in the mercenary business, don’t they? Alea iacta est!

  2. Anthony D Jones MA avatar
    Anthony D Jones MA

    This is the Rubicon International Services employed by the BBC to guard it’s staff during last year’s “Jerry Springer–the opera” controversy MMMMM be carful the next time you write to the BBC, you never know who might read your letter!!

  3. Anthony D Jones MA avatar
    Anthony D Jones MA

    It gets spookier! Aegis’ main office is in the same building as a new Labour Party office!!!

  4. Tom Griffin avatar

    There was a particularly good shot of the building on Newsnight last week. I will see if I can post a link to it.

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