Aegis: The Deepcut Connection

Major scoop in The Mirror today. The paper has tracked down an army instructor accused of bullying in the Blake report. Apparently he has been working for Tim Spicer’s Aegis Defence Services in Iraq.

Dauscha, who also served in Bosnia and the Falklands, escaped prosecution for bullying despite an abundance of evidence because Army top brass deemed it would not be "in the public interest."

Fitness fanatic Dauscha was finally given a dishonourable discharge by the Army after admitting conspiracy to steal.

He was arrested shortly after leaving Gina, 37, for a 17-year-old female soldier he had been having an affair with.

He and his lover were caught at a Tesco store in Winchester and held on suspicion of theft.

On conviction he was discharged from the Army.

For the last two years he has been working in Baghdad as an armed guard for Aegis, the world’s largest private security company. He earns £80,000 a year, tax free.

But, in the wake of revelations about his murky past, the firm last night said it had suspended him. (Daily Mirror)







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