Alexander on the edge

The former Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Sir Alistair Graham, has called on Wendy Alexander to consider her position:

"Normally, when people face the danger – and I presume
she does face the danger here of a criminal prosecution – then normally
you step aside from your position so you can concentrate on clearing
your name."

Sir Alistair said Ms Alexander had to make her own
choices, but added that it was always better to do the right thing
quickly, "rather than be pushed by circumstances". (BBC News)

Like Brian Taylor, Iain MacWhirter believes that Alexander would have resigned already but for the consequences for Labour at Westminster:

If Alexander had gone, Harriet Harman’s position would have become
untenable, since she also accepted, unknowingly, an illegal donation.
It may untenable anyway, because the row over Alexander will not go

If Wendy hangs on beyond PMQs at Westminster on Wednesday she has
the Scottish press to contend with. An angry beast at the best of
times, the media is in wild mood because it believes it has been
systematically misled over the donations scandal. Last Thursday there
were extraordinary scenes in Holyrood as Alexander and senior Labour
front benchers were literally chased around the parliamentary lobbies
by correspondents demanding answers. Alexander has avoided them ever

But she cannot hide indefinitely and will have to surface on
Thursday for First Ministers Question Time when she will have to face
the SNP FM Alex Salmond. He will mercilessly expose the contradictions
in her account of what happened. It certainly looks as if she has been
economical with the truth. (Comment is Free)

Once again it seems that Gordon Brown’s ambitions are intimately bound up with the future of the UK, because Alexander’s troubles could have fateful implications for both.








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