Al-Jazeera trial date set

David Keogh and Leo O’Connor are set to appear at the Old Bailey on 24 January, charged with leaking the ‘Al-Jazeera memo’ which revealed that George Bush wanted to bomb the Qatar-based radio station.

Meanwhile Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle has up the ante by revealing he tried to pass the memo on to US Democrats.

"It seemed as though it would have been useful to the Democrats leading up to the election — it would have illustrated what the president was all about, that he said he wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera," Kilfoyle said.

"I cannot understand what Leo O’Connor did that was wrong," Kilfoyle added. "Presumably Tony Clarke and I are guilty of passing that information on as well, so why haven’t we been charged?" (

Christopher Hitchens has a good piece on why the memo is significant. Perhaps he’s mellowed while George Galloway is out of circulation.






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