Arrests in Harry Stanley case

Remarkable developments in the case of Harry Stanley, the Scotsman shot dead in Hackney in 1999, by police officers who were told he was an Irishman carrying a shotgun (which turned out to be a table leg.)

Two police officers have been arrested on suspicion of murder, six years after they shot a man dead in east London.

Insp Neil Sharman and Pc Kevin Fagan were later released on bail by Surrey Police, who investigated the shooting of Harry Stanley in Hackney in 1999. (BBC News)

The two officers have not yet been charged, and could argue that such reports prejudice their case.

It would be interesting to know how and why the story emerged into the public domain at this stage.

Nevertheless, it looks like a breakthrough for the Stanley family, who have had a marathon legal battle. They recently had an inquest verdict of unlawful killing overturned in the courts, and were refused leave to appeal.






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