Bidding re-opened for Iraq mercenary contract

The Washington Post continued its excellent coverage of the Aegis security in contract in Iraq today with some bad news for Tim Spicer’s company. The US army has agreed to reinstate two of the rival bidders for the new version of the contract, Britain’s Erinys and Blackwater of the US.

The Army’s decision could be a setback for what sources said were
the two finalists, Aegis Defence Services and ArmorGroup International,
both British firms. Aegis has the current contract, a $293 million deal
that was to expire in May but was extended as competitors challenge the
bidding process. The sources said there is no timetable for the
military to reevaluate the bids.

In its complaint, Erinys said
the Army required all bidders to obtain business and operating licenses
from the Iraqi government before submitting offers but then did not
enforce those requirements. (Washington Post)






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