Blair confirms special forces role in De Menezes case

Srrsunexpress Postman Patel points us towards some significant developments concerning the role of Army special forces in the death of Jean Charles De Menezes.

Last Thursday, Sir Ian Blair admitted to the Metropolitan Police Authority that the SAS were involved in the operation.

Yesterday’s Sunday Express carried what it claims is a picture of a soldier from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment outside De Menezes’ flat in Tulse Hill.

The Sunday Express may not be the most credible paper just now, but its worth remembering that, according to Peter Taylor’s Panorama documentary, an undercover soldier was the first person to see De Menezes leaving the flat, and supposedly got no positive identification or video footage because he was answering a call of nature.  Taylor’s description implies a member of the SRR. As ever, there seems to be a lot of confusion/overlap between them and the SAS.

One hopes that the MPA will now move on and ask some of the questions I tried to raise with the MOD last year. Up to now the complete lack of accountability concerning the Army’s role has been remarkable.



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