Blair refuses to meet McBride family

Tony Blair has refused to meet the family of Peter McBride:

Last night (Wednesday) Mr McBride’s sister Kelly said she was angry and disappointed at Mr Blair’s decision.

The prime minister’s office wrote to the family saying Mr Blair could not see "any value" in a meeting.

The McBrides wanted Mr Blair to support their call for the killers of Peter McBride, pictured, to be dismissed from the British army.

The family have fought a lengthy legal campaign to have former Scots Guardsmen Mark Wright and James Fisher expelled from the army. (Irish News, via Nuzhound)







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  1. Hereward the wake avatar
    Hereward the wake

    Oh dear, we can’t have poor “Tone” being made to feel uncomfortable now can we? I mean come on, it’s his job to do this, but quite frankly, the gimp doesn’t have the pips to do it!

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