Northern Ireland still a priority, says Blair

Tony Blair will continue to prioritise Northern Ireland if he is re-elected, he has told the the BBC

He said republicans must work by exclusively peaceful means and unionists must share power on that basis.

He said: "That’s the deal there has been all these years and it is still the deal.

"It’s the only deal that is ever going to be done."

This didn’t go down to well with DUP leader Ian Paisley:

"The Prime Minister has now revealed himself that he is determined, come what may, to bring Sinn Fein/IRA into government.

"He has sold himself to have the representatives of IRA terrorists in the government of Northern Ireland on their terms," he said.

In the Irish World this week, I interviewed Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy who said he believes the DUP will share power with Sinn Fein if the IRA fulfills its obligations.

I have also written a story on the DUP’s Westminster chances, and the possibility that party could be a key player in the Commons if there is a hung Parliament.

SDLP leader Mark Durkan has urged nationalist voters in Northern Ireland to counter DUP influence by voting for his party rather than Sinn Fein, which does not take its seats. 







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