Blair still pushing for coalition without Sinn Fein

SDLP leader Mark Durkan has revealed that Tony Blair asked him a couple of weeks ago to join a coalition with unionists but without Sinn Fein.

To his credit, Durkan refused. Since the SDLP now only represents a minority of northern nationalists, such a deal would have been a departure from the Good Friday Agreement.






3 responses to “Blair still pushing for coalition without Sinn Fein”

  1. David Vance avatar

    Au contraire – to his shame Durkan insists on hanging onto the apronstrings of the Sinn Fein monster brought to life by Hume. The sad thing is that the majority of Northern Irish nationalists prefer to support the bankrobbers Party – criminality before responsibility!

  2. Young Irelander avatar

    David,if you believe that the majority of northern nationalists support the bankrobbers Party,why do you want Durkan to further alienate himself from them by joining a coalition without SF?That would be political suicide,wouldn’t it?

  3. David Vance avatar

    We have to face up to the fact that the majority of those nationalists that vote, choose Sinn Fein – the bankrobbers party. That is merely to state the obvious.
    The choice for ALL of us is between democrats and terrorists. The SDLP, whilst I differ profoundly with it, is a democratic party and those people who vote for it choose democracy first. Durkan should provide nationalists with a CLEAR choice between Democracy and Terrorism – and there are several senior members of his Party that recognise this. Durkan is too scared to contemplate it – hence he will be wioed out in May. Sorry won’t be the hardest word then.

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