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There’s been something of a controversy in the blogosphere lately after a number of bloggers listed David Vance’s A Tangled Web in the Irish section of their links. Mr Vance himself had this to say:

Here on ATW, both writers, Andrew and myself, are British. We write from a British perspective and make endless references to British culture, British tradition, British history, British endeavour. Not that we aren’t interested in our near neigbours and our friends (and enemies) further afield around the globe!

The ensuing debate brought contributions from Richard Delevan, United Irelander and Gerry O’Sullivan.

I have to admit that I was one of the offenders. I have now created a new British blogs section with A Tangled Web as the first occupant. If any one would like a listing there or elsewhere or thinks they’re in the wrong category drop me a line in the comments or email me.

Equally, I would be grateful for any listings for the Green Ribbon, (in what ever category you think applies, if you’re foolish enough to have any.)



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7 responses to “Blogging for Britain”

  1. Gareth avatar

    To be fair it was an understandable mistake. I thought that they were Irish too.

  2. Young Irelander avatar

    The Green Ribbon is an Irish blog isn’t it?

  3. Young Irelander avatar

    The Green Ribbon is an Irish blog isn’t it?

  4. Young Irelander avatar

    The Green Ribbon is an Irish blog isn’t it?

  5. Tom Griffin avatar

    I like to think so, but as I’m second-generation and based in London I can see why people might categorise it differently.
    London Irish is probably the best phrase to cover it. If I were based in New York or Sydney, I suppose it would be Irish-American or Irish-Australian, but there’s no real equivalent to that for the Irish in Britain.
    The reason for that obviously has to do with Ireland’s historic domination by Britain.
    One of the points I suppose I’m trying to make in this blog is that one can recognise the links between the two countries without believing any part of Ireland should be in the UK or that Ireland should be subordinated to British institutions a la the Reform Movement.
    If anything, I think there are things that Britain could learn from the Irish nationalist tradition in dealing with its own constitutional problems.

  6. David Vance avatar

    Many thanks! I appreciate the courtesy.

  7. DaithiO avatar

    Is David Vance there on holiday ?

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