Call for British Olympic soccer team

It looks as if the choice of London to host the Olympics could have some unexpected consequences for football:

[Trevor] Brooking told Scotland on Sunday he is launching a campaign for a UK team to play in the Olympics, and that the FA’s executive director, David Davies, will try to do a deal with the Scottish, Welsh and Irish associations.

The home countries are presently excluded from playing football at the games, which only accept truly national teams. Under present rules, members must be under-23, with three players over that age restriction permitted, and can be chosen from the professional or amateur ranks.

Brooking is the most senior member of the English FA to openly back a UK team and to predict such an early date for setting one up.

But the suggestion has horrified the Scottish FA and the Tartan Army, who fear a UK team would kill off Scotland’s footballing identity and lead to the exclusion of Scottish clubs from European fixtures such as the Uefa Champions League. (Scotland on Sunday)

Hat-tip to Gareth at Little Man in a Toque, who is equally horrified and hs started a campaign against the proposal.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should compete as separate teams at the Olympics, in eveything. That way we get more home athletes that can qualify and we retain our national teams. I’m English first, British second. And I am sure that many Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish feel similarly about their nationality. I hope that they do, and I also hope that the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish fans can all support this call. (Little Man in a Toque)



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