Complaint over Thatcher testimony

Botswana-based Dr Alexander Von Paleske has complained to the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa about Mark Thatcher’s recent testimony in Capetown.

Here is an extract from the letter:

Mr. Thatcher, who has been convicted recently for violating South
African Law  in connection with the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea in
March 2004,  was summoned to testify on request of the Government of
Equatorial Guinea about the background of the failed coup.

The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa, according to
press reports,  had already amassed evidence, that suggests Mr Thatcher’s
involvement in the coup.

Of special interest in this connection are the confessions of
former Ibis-Air executive and pilot Steyl.

Furthermore tapped telephone conversations, according to press
, are also implicating him to be involved in the failed coup.

Mr. Thatcher was given the opportunity yesterday not to testify,
insofar as he would give evidence against himself.

He decided otherwise.

He denied any involvement in the failed coup.

In reply, the Western Cape head of the Scorpions, Adrian Mopp said: "Appropriate action will be taken should the allegations be found to be true."






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