Devolution round-up: O’Brien boosts bouyant SNP

While the Northern Ireland parties were discussing their devolution deal at St Andrews last week, the debate about Scotland’s own constitutional future was in full flow.  After coming out of perhaps the most successful conference of the season, the SNP was boosted by Cardinal O’Brien’s backing for independence.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some in the Labour Party tried to make a sectarian issue out of the Cardinal’s stance. That will be difficult given that Labour itself has traditionally had the strongest Catholic vote in Scotland, while the nationalist movement has historic roots in Presbyterian nativism. Nevertheless, if I were Alex Salmond, I would be looking to produce some similarly high-profile backers from other traditions.

Time for another devolution round up, I think:    

Mon 16 Oct

Anti-Scottish feeling laid bare over question of next Prime Minister (Scotsman)
Big guns O’Brien and Farmer publicly back independence (Scotsman)
Tycoon and Cardinal back Independence (Evening Times)
SNP delight over cardinal’s support for independence (The Herald)
Time to accentuate the positive (The Herald)
Much to ponder on money matters (The Herald)
The cost of all the SNP’s promises (The Herald)

Sun 15 Oct

Cardinal happy to see UK break-up (BBC)
Mark your vote with a cross (Scotland on Sunday)
Farmer – Break away is inevitable (Sunday Times)
If Scotland opts for independence it will bring out the best in us (Sunday Times)
‘Would you jump into bed with the other lot’ (Sunday Mail)
Victory for the SNP must not lead to retreat (Observer)
Give devolution time to deliver (Scotland on Sunday)
Home rule mess is spur to separatism (Sunday Times)
A united SNP has become a proper political party (Observer)
‘The SNP seem to be on their way at last’  (Sunday Herald)
Time for the A-team to govern Scotland (Sunday Herald)
SNP: The Nat Pack (Sunday Times)
Cameron makes pledge on Scotland (BBC)
Tories ‘in touch with Scotland’ (
Don’t judge Brown’s accent: Cameron (PA)
Scotland the Brave New World? (Sunday Herald)
A parcel of rogues unwrapped (Scotsman)
Strange Bedfellows (Sunday Herald)

Sat 14 Oct

Can the SNP generate votes? (The Herald)
SNP is relying on personality as well as policy (Evening News)
Salmond rallies troops with call to ‘think big’ on road to power (Scotsman)
Salmond fires up Nats for ‘date with destiny’ (Daily Record)

Fri 13 Oct

Salmond: Our date with destiny: (The Herald)
100 Voices: Independence or union? (Scotsman)
Salmond sets out vision for Scotland (ePolitix)
SNP has ‘date with destiny’ (

Thu 12 Oct

Optimistic SNP looks to turn poll hope into power (Scotsman)
Caledonian Blues (Comment is Free)
Misguided strategy of Scottish Conservatives (The Herald)

Wed 11 Oct

Desperate acts of union (The Guardian)
Changing the way Wales is governed (ICWales)

Tue 10 Oct
‘You’ll never take anyone to the barricades doing less’ (The Herald)

Mon 9 Oct
Dullness fades (Comment is Free)







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  1. Toque avatar

    Getting quite exciting isn’t it? I’m looking forward to the day when various ex-ministers have to eat their words about devolution making the UK stronger and all that.

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