Does Scotland have a sectarianism problem?

In the wake of Scotland’s first sectarianism summit academics Steve Bruce and Tom Devine have offered contrasting views of how serious the problem really is.

Meanwhile, Cardinal O’Brien has used the occasion to highlight the sectarianism enshrined in the British constitution by the Act of Settlement.

The Cardinal had previously raised the Act in the context of the Prince of Wales’ impending marriage, a subject which has also been exercising some unionists in Northern Ireland.

The Slugger O’Toole website carries an article on the issue by Dr John Coulter, who is admittedly a fairly unconventional voice within unionism.

The irony of the Royal dilemma is that the Camilla factor may well prove to be the catalyst which an unholy alliance of English republicans and anti-Act of Settlement campaigners have been waiting for to bring about a major reform of the monarchy not witnessed since the early 1700s.

The Act of Settlement question perhaps reflects Campbell Martin’s argument that when it comes to sectarianism, the British state is more the problem than the solution.







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  1. angus mecoatup avatar
    angus mecoatup

    Scotland does not have a sectarian problem, just too many acadmics,tims and proddies, who think Scotland has a problem

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