DUP deal on detention?

Anthony Barnett points us to an important detail of the Government’s strategy for securing 42 day’s detention:

The decision to delay the second reading came amid
speculation that Smith, a former government chief whip, may rely on the
nine votes of Democratic Unionist party MPs to push through the
legislation in the face of a substantial Labour rebellion.

DUP, whose leader Ian Paisley will step down in May, is thought to be
willing to enter into talks over support for the measure in return for
delaying the devolution of policing and criminal justice in Northern
Ireland. (Guardian)

Update: I have some more thoughts on this over at OurKingdom.







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  1. WorldbyStorm avatar

    Never good when domestic GB politics is distorted/affected/influenced by NI politics. Not good to read. And one wonders has Brown or his people thought this through?

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