DUP looks to a hung parliament

Slugger’s Fair Deal became the latest contributor to the OurKingdom blog today, with some interesting thoughts on the direction of the DUP under its new leader Peter Robinson:

Nationally, the relationship with Gordon Brown is probably the
coolest of all, mostly at his own behest. Brown was indifferent to
Blair’s peace project,  gave short shrift to proposals for a better
financial package and the DUP has been angered by the in-out (usually
out) attitude to Northern Ireland in Brown’s Britishness project.

Beyond devolution, Unionism is eyeing the possibility of a hung
parliament. If it does occur, Robinson will do business – but for a
much higher price than the UUP in the Callaghan and Major eras. In that
scenario Brown may rue his present approach. (OurKingdom)







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