Government out to abolish public inquiries

The family of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane were at Westminster today to oppose the Government’s plans to effectively abolish public inquiries.

From the PA report:

“I would urge anyone who is interested in accountable, democratic and open government to oppose this Bill now,” Mr Finucane’s son Michael told a House of Commons press conference.

His family have limited confidence in the Government’s handling of an inquiry into allegations that British Army intelligence and Royal Ulster Constabulary officers colluded in the murder of his father in 1989 by members of the loyalist Ulster Defence Association.

He said: “The Government’s current actions beg one simple question – how much more is there that we do not know?”

It tells you something when the Government is prepared to abolish the whole system of public inquiries in order to prevent the truth coming out about one case.

You can find out more about the murder of Pat Finucane here:

The Pat Finucane Centre

British Irish Rights Watch







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