Greg Wales sought EG minister’s arrest

From this week’s Irish World

Businessman accused in coup plot may have sought African Minister’s arrest
by Tom Griffin, 17 June 2005 edition       

The Irish World has obtained a copy of an e-mail, which appears to show that British businessman Greg Wales sought to have the Justice Minister of Equatorial Guinea arrested in Britain last year.
Mr Wales has repeatedly denied accusations that he was involved in financing a failed coup attempt which took place in the oil rich West African country in March 2004.

A number of people accused of involvement in the plot were arrested in Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea.
One of those arrested in Equatorial Guinea was German national Gerhardt Merz, who died in captivity some days later, amid accusations of torture.
An email passed to the Irish World by German doctor Alexander Von Paleske appears to show that Greg Wales contacted Mr Merz’s employers on 21 May 2004, to seek their help in an attempt to have the EquatoGuinean Minister arrested.
“Reuben Maye, Minister for Justice in EG, is in London Monday and Tuesday, possibly more,” the email states. “He is the man responsible for the Department under which Merckx died. He does not have diplomatic immunity. Have you talked to the police looking at Merckx’s death yet? They should use this opportunity too.”
“This is the best chance Mrs M will have to put some pressure on the situation; and to help the Armenians.”
“She needs to write something that is signed or stamped by a notary to confirm she is who she says she is.”
The e-mail includes a draft for a statement to be signed by Mr Merz’s wife and sent to the Home Secretary.
It reads: “My husband was working for … From January (?) to March 2004, he was based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, on a contract between… and… (of EG) for operating air cargo activities. He was not involved in any activities against the interest of the Government of Equatorial Guinea. On 7 (?) March this year, he and his crew and some South Africans were seized by the forces of the regime. He was never charged with any offence, nor was he allowed any legal or diplomatic representation. He is reported to have died on 17 March. Despite the appropriate fees having been paid, the regime refuses to release his body.”
”The deputy director of the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa, Mr Jan Henning, who led an official delegation to Equatorial Guinea in late March, stated publicly on his return that the detainees had been tortured. (See, for example the report in the South African Sunday Times on 4 April 2004.) Evidence of other visitors and witnesses gives an overwhelming probability that my husband was tortured to death. Reuben Maye, the Minister for Justice and Internal Affairs, who is the responsible person, is in England on 24 and 25 May.”
“I formally demand that he be arrested and tried for murder, torture and crimes against humanity.”
Dr Von Paleske, a long time campaigner against the role of mercenaries in Africa, said the email was evidence of contact between Greg Wales and Gerhard Merz’s employers, that undermined Mr Wales’s claim that he had not been involved in the coup attempt.
Six Armenian pilots held in connection with the coup plot, were released by Equatorial Guinea earlier this month.
However, the country is still seeking the extradition of the alleged leader of the plot, former British officer Simon Mann, who is currently being held in Zimbabwe.






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