Howard Flight link to Simon Mann company

The Sunday Times has a remarkable angle on the Howard Flight saga.

Apparently, Flight is a director of Investec Bank, which lent £30 million to Simon Mann’s company Logo Logistics to buy businesses in Equatorial Guinea.

The loan was cancelled after Mann’s plan to mount a coup in the country collapsed with his arrest in Zimbabwe.

The Sunday Times has a lot of interesting material on the Tories today. Like this for example:

Insight: Tory MP in £1.5m diamond mine row

A SENIOR Tory MP who heads a Commons committee to alleviate poverty in the Third World has been accused of attempting to use his position to make up to £1.5m for his own company.

Tony Baldry, a former foreign minister, has been paid by a diamond firm to lobby the government of a west African country to secure valuable diamond concessions.







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