ID cards bill third reading

With the Commons giving the Identity Cards bill its third reading today, its worth having a look at two excellent pieces of analysis by John Lettice in The Register.

Minister’s shock claim: ID scheme to check 13 biometrics

It turns out the 13 separate biometrics are your face, two eyes (unless they’re brown) and ten fingers and thumbs. So perhaps just three biometrics then.

How Clarke is fiddling the £30 ‘affordable’ ID card

According to this article the Government has concluded that the public are in favour of identity cards, because 75 per cent of people will still renew their passports after the cards are introduced.






One response to “ID cards bill third reading”

  1. Gareth Young avatar

    This really is appalling. I just don’t believe that they will get this through. I can’t believe it. Won’t believe it.
    Must have faith!

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