‘Informal deal’ between SNP and Tories

Interesting coverage in Scotland on Sunday of the quiet rapprochement between the SNP and the Tories. Eddie Barnes suggests this is a no-brainer for Alex Salmond, but not necessarily for David Cameron:

as his party’s grass roots will no doubt be reminding him, the
Conservative Party still has the word ‘Unionist’ in its title. So
should he really therefore be pandering to the agenda of a Nationalist
purely because it will buy him some medium-term political advantage?
Isn’t that exactly the kind of cynical politics which Cameron has spent
several months profitably accusing Brown of employing? (scotsman.com)

It certainly makes for a striking contrast with the recent tensions between the Tories and the DUP. I wonder how unionist the Tory grassroots really are these days?

Update: More on this point from Fraser Nelson at the Spectator.







2 responses to “‘Informal deal’ between SNP and Tories”

  1. DougtheDug avatar

    You should take what you read in the Scotsman with a pinch of salt as it’s a very pro-union paper. Known as the, “North Briton”, to many in Scotland.
    The SNP have had a 20 year ban on working with the Conservatives but now since the Labour party has moved so far to the right it has become illogical to proscribe one right wing party and not the other.
    The choice is to ban both or neither and the SNP is considering removing the ban on working with the Conservatives.
    The Labour party has never had a ban or any qualms about working in coalition with the Conservatives and already does in two councis in Scotland, Dundee City council and East Dunbarton Council.
    If you come across any posts from Labour supporters lambasting the SNP, remember that Labour has never had any rules against working with the Conservatives and already has created alliances with Conservatives in Scottish local government to keep the SNP out of power.
    What the Scotsman are trying to do is to damage the SNP in Scotland by starting rumours of an SNP/Conservative coalition.

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    I take your point Doug. I can’t see there being a coalition either, but there does seem to be something to it at the same time.

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