IRA committed to power-sharing

Paul T Colgan in the Sunday Business Post has a hopeful assessment of the the republican position in the current crisis in the peace process.

The political strategy adopted by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, which has taken 15 years to build up, has as its core objective power sharing with unionists.

Given the fall-out from last December’s failed talks and the subsequent Northern Bank job, the prospect of Sinn Féin going into executive government appears as far off as ever.

The DUP has said it will not return to talks until the IRA disbands. It will also demand up to a year to “verify’‘ that the IRA has been wound down.

Sinn Féin is in the doghouse. The SDLP, the government and the White House have abandoned it.

Republican sources have ruled out the possibility of a split in the IRA. Republican commentators, such as former Sinn Féin publicity officer Danny Morrison, have said only a fool would believe a return to violence would benefit the republican project.






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  1. harry avatar

    With the recent IRA cover up of a completely motiveless murder in Belfast, with the usual “Talk to the Cops and yer dead” the IRA may finally have pissed on it’s chips with the average Catholic in Ulster.
    The repeated statemebts that the IRA are little more than a collection of psychotic criminals eager to let a Republican jack boot replace the Orange boot of “Order” begin to ring true.
    IF the IRA were serious about “Peace” etc they would bundle the purportrators (who they KNOW did it) into the back of a van and dump them outside the RUC (whoops!) NIPS barracks /station with their confessions nicely typed out in their hands.
    I shant waste my time waiting. Im sure they can justify covering up a mindless pointless murder with talk of “Revolutionary Neccesity” or Sure it was all a wee understanding …”

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