Is Brown the man to solve the English question?

Labour MP Tony Wright has bravely called on Gordon Brown to deal with the English Question (hat-tip Mick Fealty):

If we still had royal commissions, we should put one to work on the English Question. It would explore the implications for England of the devolution settlement, in both its aspects. It would take up where Gladstone left off and offer a modern version of Home Rule All Round. It would devolve power to England, and within England.

This is where Gordon Brown comes in. He wants to be a constitutional reformer. His ambition to strengthen Britishness will require him at some point to attend to the matter of England. Not only would it be fitting if it was a Scottish prime minister who brought devolution to England, it would also be politically astute. Flying the flag for Britain is the easy bit. Now speak for England, Gordon. (Comment Is Free)

I can’t see it somehow, given that Brown would have to give much of the power he has coveted for so long, but it’s good to see a Labour MP addressing the issue.







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