Iain Dale’s top 20 Irish blogs

I’m delighted to discover that the Green Ribbon has made the list of 20 top Irish blogs compiled by Mick Fealty for Iain Dale’s Guide to Political Blogging. Many of my own favourites are also included in the list, which is well worth a look.







3 responses to “Iain Dale’s top 20 Irish blogs”

  1. Sharon . avatar

    Hi Number Nine !
    Number Twenty here !
    Well done , Tom – you and I will have to put our heads together (over a flagon or two , naturally…) and see if we can come up with a way to nobble our competitors .
    Dunno about you , but I’m desperate at this stage to get a better rating…
    Slán go fóill anois ,

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    I am already photoshopping compromising photos of Ciarán Cuffe as we speak.

  3. Sharon . avatar

    Hi Tom !
    ….or we could just give a flagon to each of the enemy and take REAL photos of them an hour later.
    Which means you and I will have to make do with lemonade.
    No ‘victory’ is worth THAT . Keep photoshopping, Tom…

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