Kirsty Wark, Alex Salmond and the case for a Scottish Six

It was reported yesterday that the SNP has written to the BBC in an attempt to revive the idea of a dedicated ‘Scottish Six’ national news programme.

Last night’s Newsnight interview with Alex Salmond about the Libyan prisoner transfer row will have given them plenty of ammunition about the way the London BBC covers Scotland. Kirsty Wark is normally a good interviewer, but her hectoring performance here will have increased concerns about her links to the Scottish Labour Party. It would be interesting to know who was responsible for the editorial angle, that the Libyan story was primarily about SNP picking a fight with London.

Update: BBC News blog The Editors has a thread on the interview.







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  1. Tony avatar

    Wow. She must be packing a mighty Queen’s shilling. The spin was incredible well worthy of Campbell himself. Annabel Goldie has again came out well here, the sooner they split from London the better. Labour just seem to be anti-Scottish.

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