Lib Dems target ethnic vote

The Liberal Democrats are making a strong pitch for the ethnic minority vote, based on their opposition to the Iraq War and the hardline Labour/Tory consensus on justice and immigration issues.

They launched their ethnic minority manifesto this week, and today leader Charles Kennedy is at the Swaminarayan Mandir Temple in Brent East, the largest Hindu temple outside India

The constituency, with one of the largest ethnic minority populations in Britain, was won by Lib Dem Sarah Teather in a by-election in 2003.

Brent East also has the largest Irish community in Britain and Teather has made a strong pitch for the Irish vote, as I have detailed in an earlier post.






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  1. Gareth avatar

    I have nothing against the Lib Dems trying to appeal directly to ethnic minorities but I find it rather strange that they release a separate ethnic minority manifesto. Somehow it implies that the main Lib Dem manifesto is less than inclusive.

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