McBride killers to remain in the army

The family of Peter McBride, a Belfast man shot dead by two British soldiers in 1992, have lost their legal bid to have his killers kicked out of the Army.

Guardsmen Mark Wright and James Fisher served three years in jail for the 18-year-old Catholic`s murder, but were allowed to rejoin the regiment and remain in the army.

Mr McBride`s mother, Jean, lodged an application for judicial review at Belfast High Court against the armed forces minister.

But, in a 13-page ruling issued today, her application was refused.

Speaking outside the High Court after the decision, Mrs McBride said: "I don`t think there is a judge in Northern Ireland with the bottle to stand up against the establishment so it looks like we`ll have to take our case to Europe." (UTV)

A previous judicial review found that the Army was wrong to decide that there were exceptional reasons to allow Wright and Fisher to remain with their regiment. That decision still stands but it looks as if the Army will be allowed to ignore it.






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