McDowell on the Anglo-Irish contribution

Interesting comments from Irish Justice Minister Michael McDowell.

"I strongly believe that a united Ireland would benefit all the people on this island, including unionists. Whether it is 2016, or 2036, it will probably happen within the nextgeneration," he said.

But he warned that Ireland must become a more accommodating place for the unionist tradition, which was just as much a part of the island’s shared heritage.

"It is not republican to be anti-British. The people of Britain have been very, very good neighbours by any standard," he said.

"This country has to embrace its Anglo-Irish traditions, not as a relic of the colonial past but as a rich tapestry of our heritage."

It was Northern Irish Presbyterians who sowed the seeds of Irish independence in the US, and Protestants like Wolftone [sic] were founding fathers of Irish republicanism, he said. (Irish Independent)

Not a million miles from my own remarks to the Campaign for an English Parliament recently.







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