Monteith attacks Scottish Tory leadership

The Sunday Times is claiming that senior Scottish Tories are plotting to oust party leader Annabel Goldie. The main source for this is former Tory MSP Brian Monteith, who favours fiscal autonomy.

For tiers of government to function efficiently, all that is
required is that they raise all, or at least most, of the money they
spend. Such financial accountability would be Holyrood’s wake-up call
as the MSPs stand collectively under the cold shower of being solely
responsible for the decisions they take.

These benefits do not require outright independence, just a
looser union. A new unionism which fits with the concept of localism is
becoming popular across the political spectrum – for example, in the
speeches of both Gordon Brown and David Cameron. Ditching the union at
this stage would be premature. (Sunday Times)

Mr Eugenides seems taken with idea, for one. Of course, any move by the Tories to back fiscal autonomy for Scotland would also have an impact on the party’s debate about the English question.






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