Nairn on the Lib-Lab talks

OurKingdom points us to a new blog from Scottish nationalist thinker Tom Nairn, which kicks of with a post on Brown’s overtures to the Lib Dems.

Some cross-partyism is  required again, to save Britishness. This
is why he has lurched so suddenly towards the Lib-Dems, and in effect
invited them into informal coalition. He was indicating that higher
necessities must now take over — higher even than those of the Party,
his normal modus operandi. Until the eighteen-year reign of Thatcherite
Conservatism (1979-1997) it was the dominant mode of Westminster
governance. From 1915 until 1945 parties came together, forgetting
their policy differences to protect Empire, State and the all-British
identity so cherished by Brown and his ‘Unionist’ followers. (Tom Nairn)







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