New Iraq PSD video

In today’s Sunday Telegraph, Sean Rayment points out that there is a new video on the Aegis Iraq website, which once again appears to show contractors shooting up a civilian car. For some reason the soundtrack features another Elvis song. This time it’s That’s Alright, Mama.

Update: It appears there’s a new message board at the Aegis Iraq site, with a helpful archive of the most controversial posts from the old one.






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  1. Killafornia avatar

    way to go aegis.keep up the good work.maybe we ought to put some of these whiners about the video out there to walk in front of and behind our cars to find the bombs and snipers so they wont have to waste so much ammo.the elvis music was great too.that van at beginning though they should have shot the driver after the first burst since he didnt stop.i thought they were being too nice.and the mercedes flying up on them hell ya kill em ,was probably another diaperheaded fanatic with his finger on a detonator waiting to get close enough to the guys.send me an application i and i will come join ya

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