New republican bulletin board

I’ve received notice of, a new Irish republican bulletin board. The site’s mission statement suggests a similar anti-agreement perspective to the well-known Blanket website.

Personally, I would argue that a serious republican perspective has to engage with the will of the Irish people, which was clearly expressed in favour of the Good Friday Agreement back in 1998

Having said that there’s certainly a healthy debate on the site’s forums, with some interesting perspectives on recent events.






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  1. Sharon avatar

    Hi Tom !
    The 1998 Stormont Treaty vote should not be confused with being “the will of the people … ” :
    43.97 per cent of those entitled to vote , in the Free State , did not bother to do so , and almost one-fifth of those entitled to vote in the Six Counties did not bother to do so . Of those that did vote , 5.6 per cent (in the FS) voted ‘NO’ and 28.88 per cent (in the Six Counties) voted ‘NO’ . The “will of [a majority] of those that DID vote … ” , which is not the same as “the will of the people … ” . Thanks .
    Sharon .

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