No ID cards for Ireland

Another interesting and very welcome story from yesterday’s Sunday Business Post:

The government no longer believes that identity cards will be needed as a response to their introduction in Britain. The British government has told Irish officials that the imminent introduction of ID cards in Britain will not affect Irish citizens moving between the two countries.







2 responses to “No ID cards for Ireland”

  1. Michael McHale avatar

    Because Irish citizens will not need an ID card to travel to and from UK appears to be a weak excuse to not introduce Irish ID cards. If the UK Government decides to have a blitz on illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers etc, once the UK ID card system is up and running,which country will the illegals probably head for?

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    Employers in industries with high levels of illegal Labour are already suppoed to check workers documentation. If there was going to be a blitz, it could take place under the existing law, but it won’t happen. ID cards won’t change anything, other than maybe improve staff retention in the black economy.

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