No top up fees for Wales

It looks like Wales is following on the path beaten by Scotland:

Students living in Wales will not have to pay top-up fees at Welsh universities under a new deal to break political deadlock.

It means students from outside Wales would pay £3,000 from 2007, while their Welsh counterparts would pay £1,200.

The opposition said Labour had agreed to fill the funding gap between Welsh universities and the rest of the UK.

The Labour assembly government said it was pleased the "cloud of uncertainty" would be lifted as soon as possible.

  Welsh students will not have to suffer for being from a poorer background and face a mountain of debt before they start their working lives. (BBC News)

As thing stand, it looks as if English students will be the only ones in Britain paying tuition fees in their home country.

That in itself is fair enough, but there is a problem surely in the fact that while the decision for Scotland and Wales is made by the Scottish and Welsh Assemblies, the decision for England is made by the UK Parliament.






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