‘pan-unionist coalition’ meets at Holyrood

Scottish Labour, Lib Dem, and Tory representatives met today to discuss their alternative to the SNP’s national conversation:

"We reject independence. The real conversation, and the one in which
the overwhelming majority of Scots wish to participate, is about how
devolution can develop to best serve the people of Scotland."

The joint statement added: "Today’s exploratory meeting was to start
that process. Our initiative will not be confined to MSPs alone, any
parliament nor to any one part of the United Kingdom. It will be open
to everyone who shares our desire to improve government in Scotland.

"The three parties have agreed to continue to work together on this issue, and
will now hold discussions with party colleagues across the
UK with a view to meeting again when parliament has reconvened." (The Herald)

If these parties are interested in opinion throughout the UK, why are all of them ruling out Scottish independence, which has 59 per cent support in England according to one poll last November? Why don’t any of them support an English Parliament, which has majority support in both England and Scotland according to the same poll?

They may be interested in opinion beyond Scotland, but are they interested in opinion beyond Westminster?







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