Preserving the Kingdom

OurKingdom points us to a very valuable essay on the future of the UK by Richard Wyn Jones, translated from the Welsh at Ordovicious.

So far, only the nationalists have offered a sensible way to ensure
cohabitation between the Kingdom’s nations, namely friendship based on
independence. Of course, this is hardly a way out that pleases
unionists. But if they continue to respond with their present
unintelligent conservatism, then the nationalists will win the argument.

I am in complete agreement that de facto independence, at least, is the only route to  a stable democratic settlement. However, the strength of the case for Irish Home Rule in the late nineteenth century or for Scottish devolution in the 1970s, did not prevent the establishment temporising for a very long time. It will be interesting to see how it copes now that there is an English challenge to the status quo.



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3 responses to “Preserving the Kingdom”

  1. Michael Follon avatar
    Michael Follon

    The title of the blog ‘Preserving the Kingdom’ is slightly misleading because of the grammatical tense used. It infers singular when it should be plural. There may be only one monarch but there are two kingdoms – a situation that has existed since as well as being James VI of Scotland he also became James I of England in 1603. The Treaty of Union of 1707 did NOT change that fact.

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    I have to admit, I haven’t come across that suggestion before.

  3. Michael Follon avatar
    Michael Follon

    It wasn’t a suggestion.

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