Promises, Promises

‘Managing the crisis is almost impossible for the [London] mayor’s army of
spindoctors because they don’t know where the next revelation is coming
from,’ Newthound informs us in the latest edition of Private Eye.

One gets the impression that Newthound knows where the next ‘revelation’ is coming from. So too, apparently, does Nick Cohen:

Just a rumour but I heard second hand that there’s an attack
biography on Livingstone ready to roll so maybe one of the Sundays have
it. I’m not a betting man, and my source may be duff, but perhaps it’s
worth buying Johnson before the first editions are out a 8. 

Nick Cohen
March 1st, 2008 at 5:40 pm (

I’ve said before where I think this kind of thing is coming from.

Update 4 March

It seems that Newthound at least has been as good as his word:

‘General’ Jasper’s torrid e-mails to ‘sexy Kazzi’

Perhaps the interesting question is how the Standard got those emails?






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