Referendum night links

A few links that may be of interest to those following the referendum results on Thursday night.

  • Estimated declaration times around the UK from the Press Association: The list in time order is most helpful for following events. To find your local area use the list in alphabetical order.
  • For a good steer on what those declarations will actually mean what they come in, read the New Statesman's Hour-by-Hour Guide to the results by Stephen Bush.
  • An even more detailed guide by Nicholas Whyte has predictions for each counting area on the assumption that the national picture is a 50/50 split. That should help make it clearer where one side is doing well enough to win.
  • Keep abreast of the emerging national picture with the BBC's results page.
  • If the UK does vote out, the New Statesman has a good pointer to the likely emerging situation from Friday. That's also from Stephen Bush, who is definitely worth a Twitter follow.







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