RUC protected UVF killers

The Northern Ireland Policing Ombudsman today published her long-awaited report into the the death of Raymond McCord Jr.

Nuala O’Loan has concluded that between 1991-2003, the RUC protected a UVF informer who they believed was responsible for 10 to 15 murders. O’Loan does not name this individual but he is known to be Mark Haddock.

The full public version of the report is available here.

O’Loan’s conclusion that that the officers running informers "could not have operated as they did without knowledge and support at the highest levels of the RUC/PSNI," is noteworthy given that Sir Ronnie Flanagan, now Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary, was appointed head of Special Branch in 1994, and Chief Constable in 1996.

Raymond McCord senior posed the key question for him today:

"I also challenge Ronnie Flanagan to say whether he knew about this or
not. If he didn’t, he was a poor Chief Constable and should be sacked
as HM Inspector of Constabulary and, if he did, he should be stripped
of his knighthood." (Belfast Newsletter)







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