Sinn Fein under pressure

Mick Fealty over at Slugger O’Toole assesses the likely political fallout from the multiple crises currently afflicting Sinn Fein.

For now, there is no telling what lies in wait for the Republican movement around the corner. Two months ago the SDLP looked as if it might be swept clean from the House of Commons altogether. It seems to be slowing clawing its way back into political life.






3 responses to “Sinn Fein under pressure”

  1. Young Irelander avatar

    The SDLP still need to show they have something to offer the nationalist community.
    They cannot focus totally on the negative aspects of the Shinners,they must also offer their own positive aspects…

  2. Diarmid Logan avatar

    Whatever problems the Nationalist community may have with Sinn Fein they know that the SDLP are nothing more than a bunch of panderers who will do anything that the British tell them to do.

  3. Young Irelander avatar

    What makes you say the SDLP will do anything the British tell them to do?From what I can see,they have been frozen out far too often by the British.

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