Spot the missing nation

From the communique issued after today’s meeting of the British-Irish Council:

The Irish and British Governments were represented by the Taoiseach, Mr Bertie Ahern TD and the Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon John Prescott MP respectively.

The Welsh Assembly Government was represented by the First Minister, Rt Hon Rhodri Morgan AM and the Scottish Executive by the Rt Hon Jim Wallace MSP, Deputy First Minister.

Guernsey was represented by Chief Minister Laurie Morgan, and Jersey was represented by Senator Frank Walker, President of the Policy and Resources Committee.







6 responses to “Spot the missing nation”

  1. Gareth avatar

    Don’t get me started.

  2. EK avatar


  3. Tom Griffin avatar

    Exactly, EK.
    Presumably, the official response would be that England is represented by the British Prime Minister, which will be interesting when Gordon Brown takes over.

  4. EK avatar

    I thought the answer was England, but I wasn’t sure where Northern Ireland stood in the great scheme of things.

  5. Tom Griffin avatar

    It wasn’t mentioned in the communique for some reason, but Northern Ireland was represented by Peter Hain, a Welsh MP, but would have been represented by the Stormont First Minister if devolution were up and running.
    I suppose when Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister, England will be under direct rule.

  6. marie b. avatar

    it saddens me that bertie ahern is still representing the irish — people or government — in any way.
    the man was an imbecile when he visited my irish-speaking secondary school and couldn’t speak a word of his native language, and he’s an imbecile now for a plethora of reasons.

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