The Godson approach to political warfare

I’ve just had the following article published at Spinwatch today:

Is Gordon Brown really “leading the way in counter-terrorist thinking”?  That is what the Guardian claimed last month,
when it revealed that Prime Minister was looking to the Cold War as a
precedent for the ideological struggle with Islamic terrorism.

“In this he has recently been inspired by a 1999 book on the CIA and the cultural cold war, Who Paid the Piper?
by the British journalist Frances Stonor Saunders,” Matthew D’Ancona
reported. “He was particularly intrigued by the CIA’s management of the
Boston Symphony Orchestra as ‘the juggernaut of American culture’.
Brown cites the success of the anti-communist Congress for Cultural
Freedom in harnessing the intellectual firepower of a generation of
authors and artists, and funding journals such as Encounter, Transition
and Partisan Review.”

It is not
obvious from D’Ancona’s laudatory prose, but Brown’s big idea is far
from original. If anyone deserves credit for ‘leading the way’ it is
surely journalist Dean Godson. (full article at







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