The magic peace process roundabout

Brian Feeney has an interesting metaphor for the stalemate in the peace process in his Irish News column this week:

They say the Magic Roundabout is due for a revival. If you remember, it was originally a French programme. For the BBC the puppets were all given names in English like Dougal and Dylan and Zebedee and then a script was written in English to fit around the actions of the puppets.

Of course the activities of the characters bore no resemblance to the script, but who cared?

Just in case you’re wondering, no, the characters in Downing Street last week were not rehearsing for the Magic Roundabout revival. It’s true the whole performance bore striking similarities to the Magic Roundabout – the characters walked on and off stage in strict rotation, there was a disconnection between the script and the action, everyone played exactly the role they’ve always played, they all went around in circles like the puppets and no character paid the slightest attention to any other character. (Via Nuzhound)






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